Keiju Fujiwara

Keiju Fujiwara from Tokyo, Japan

“It was an amazing experience. I learned why it’s called “coaching.” He picked me up in his “coaching mind” and took me to the destination in a moment. He knows where to go and what to focus on. I believe it only comes from a certain mind framework and real practice. I highly recommend having his coaching session, if you want to make a great outcome in a short period of time.”


Justin Scott, Sherman Oaks, California

Justin Scott from Sherman Oaks, California

“I was originally skeptical of the idea of a life coach. I admit the idea was not something I was originally ecstatic about. I was introduced to Gavin by one of my closest friends. I was not having the easiest time in my current life situation and my friend said,”If you want to be the best at a sport, you get the best coach. If you want to be the best at life, get the best coach and be the best at life.” Whatever I was doing was not good enough. Something had to change and I was happy to try a life coach. My friends logic was truly sound. He gave me Gavin’s information and I set up a meeting with him.

My first meeting with Gavin was very relaxing. He was very attentive, non-judgmental, and all he wanted to do was help me in the ways that best suited me. I began to work with Gavin for several months. Some weeks I did incredible and some weeks I did not do my best, but Gavin never wavered. He has been a source of unrelenting support, friendship, and fresh perspective. It’s amazing how unfocused one can become in a week. There are so many personal, social, and other external things that can cause you to stray from your goal. My weekly meetings with Gavin are instrumental in keeping me focused and goal oriented.

With an open mind and open heart, working with Gavin can change your world. I have become more productive, better disciplined, and more happy in general since our time together. He has accelerated my progress through life and goals exponentially. I find myself with more time for myself and the things I love somehow, while still working. I have been able to make a drastic and positive change in my life thanks to Gavin and people close to me feel that as well. Thank you Gavin, you have helped me to become the kind of man I want to be and I am eternally grateful.”


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