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A lifenthuziast steps to their potential and simply loves living


I’m a human being – 28 years young –  who is very passionate about personal development.



Before moving to Japan in March of 2013, I’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life and felt quite suffocated by the bubble I’ve decided to settle in. I graduated from the University of California, Irvine in 2010 with a degree in Psychology & Social Behavior, which furthered my interest in understanding people’s mentalities and  behavior, but also left me confused because I was without much job experience to say the least and spent my entire academic career filling in bubbles, without putting much thought in the application of what I was supposedly learning. I was going through an identity shift from being a student to something else.

Three months after graduating, I took a job in Social Services, helping children diagnosed with Autism to acquire more independence and social skills- which was very gratifying. I deeply enjoyed connecting with the children and their families and that let me know how important working directly with someone means to me.

But this line of work wasn’t a passion of mine and I’ve been growing more and more discontent with my living situation. I wanted to be on my own, to feel this sense of independence that I’ve never felt before, but was also limiting myself by justifying that I was saving money by living at home. It’s fascinating how much our beliefs influence every decision we make, whether we feel these beliefs positively serve us or not.

At the same time, I had this driving desire to live in a new place, not just pass by a place as a tourist. But to go in with the mentality that I will be working in a new country, will have to create my own support system, will have to understand the culture that may contrast in foundational ways from the western culture I was bred in, will have to create happiness there. I was also considering teaching as a career, so that fueled my interest in teaching English abroad. But, more so, it was primarily used as a tool to immerse in something completely new to me.

Everything lined up for me as well. I was single, no children, no mortgages to pay, no debt to pay – which made it the ideal time to grasp such an opportunity for me. And then I looked into various programs and made it happen.

The power lies in our decision.

Despite hearing that it isn’t the most ideal time with the uncertainty of the economy and job market once I return, we all have to decide for ourselves what will make us most happy.

Do we listen to the voices surrounding us and always use that to dictate what we do, or do we make the commitment to design our own life?

Since coming to Japan, it has opened my eyes to my wants, my ambitions, my vision, my inspiration – because I created and invited the space to contemplate these aspects and it will continue to evolve and be refined with each step I take. My passion to see the potential in others, provide the space that allows others to see the potential in themselves, and to manifest it with courage and enthusiasm – my passion and drive to bring out the best in myself and others has never been stronger.



After spending two years in Japan, I decided to return to West Los Angeles in May of 2015, arranged to go back into social services at my previous company, and build systems that will allow me to do what I love: personal coaching and public speaking and I am committed to vibrantly empowering myself and the world.



Over the past 5 years, I have been learning about various successful coaches and their philosophy and techniques for producing massive results. The person that stands out most prominently and has greatly shaped my skill is Tony Robbins and I believe that his keen sense of body language, use of language, pattern disrupts, dynamic shifts in method, are second to none in creating massive life-long results across all walks of life, and I am continuously immersing in the latest strategies to strengthen my repertoire.

I also dedicate time to study other very successful coaches: Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Robert Sharma, John DeMartini, Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, Brendon Burchard, Mary Morrissey, & Brian Tracy.

My journey in personal development will be a lifelong pursuit and that makes life an exciting adventure.



My philosophy will not resonate with everyone and that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it?

Some people will like what you do, some people won’t, some will be indifferent. The courage to stand up for what we believe in without intending to hurt others is a skill, something we acquire the more we practice. Inspiration is a habit as well. We may stumble upon it from time to time, but we generate it more than anything else. Inspiration is a gift to ourselves by becoming present to our situation.

★ You can learn more about my coaching here 

★ Feel free to contact me at: gmasumiy@gmail.com 



I am dedicated to posting high quality content intended to positively serve your life, while maintaining transparency about the challenges I face. My posts will be composed of my experiences, challenges, goals, and various sources of inspiration that I believe are worthy of sharing.

I am also curious about your journey, I encourage everyone to post any of your challenges, goals, and implemented knowledge that you find useful in your life.

If you feel uncomfortable posting it publicly, you can reach me via email and I’ll be happy to learn about you (gmasumiy@gmail.com).



To be outrageously myself, to love living in this very moment, and to vibrantly and passionately empower myself and others



Plenty of food for thought to come.

Now let’s fill our cups up with fulfillment…Cheers!

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