Figure Out Who You Are

And acting through that identity

We spend our lives getting caught up in how we want others to view us. True power lies in deciding who you are.


If I came up to you and asked you this question, what would be your response? Aside from thinking that I may be a bit strange, it’s a question that leaves me curious because your answer can reveal a lot about what you value. For instance if I asked you who you are and you said that you’re Karen, I would say that is your name, that isn’t necessarily who you are. What makes you Karen? How do you identify yourself? Say, you then respond that you are a teacher, and it may not be extremely accurate, but I might probe a little further and infer that a lot of your sense of identity comes from being a teacher. So, your professional life is a large portion of who you think you are. This might be jumping the gun some, but I love this question because the deeper you dig, it really requires the person to think about their response.

And it doesn’t have to be just one thing. You might say that you are a daughter, mother, wife, teacher, and philanthropist. This can convey that you look at yourself more holistically, that there isn’t just one thing that dominates your identity.

But I would go a little deeper by asking, what kind of daughter are you? What kind of mother are you? This sets more intention to your actions, making it more specific. Imagine updating your identity and engaging it with resonating adjectives: I am a loving daughter, heartwarming mother, affectionate wife, inspired teacher, and compassionate philanthropist.

How does that feel instead? How might that influence the way you go about teaching your classroom day in and day out. By identifying yourself as an affectionate wife, how would you respond in times of anger towards your spouse?



  1. Who are you?


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