Losing My Balance

Losing My Balance

NOTE: This post was written before my blog about the RPM Plan, yet it is still worthy of being posted because it taps into my frame of mind where my thoughts were very scattered, and I’m sure some people can find relevance in their lives.

I want to share my thoughts because I feel like my balance is off-kilter. I am proud of the progress and commitment I’ve been putting into online publishing. I also realize how being off-balance is almost necessary to get to where I want to go in business. This may not be the healthiest way of thinking at the moment because I have been putting other things on the wayside, like my morning ritual – which brought so much joy into my life.

By staying up later at night working, I find it much more difficult to wake up with enough time to squeeze in my ritual before heading off to work. I hate the fact that I just used to word ‘squeeze,’ but it goes to show how much I perceive lacking the time in the morning to follow through with what’s so important to me.

Getting caught up in a habit is so easy, even when the habit throws us off balance and we know it

Up Late, Late Start, Cycle Continues

My lifestyle at the moment has made me more short-tempered. I notice myself getting more reactive because my notifications pop up with something that I feel I must reply to for the sake of accelerating the publishing process – but this also leads to disrupting my sleeping pattern. I haven’t yet found a way to balance out so that I get my morning ritual and can thrive in developing a successful online business, while making sure I am eating healthy throughout the week, exercising 3x a week, building on my intimate relationship and being present with Kaori baby, and blogging. I also want to be more active on YouTube. There are a whole bunch of things that I want to do…at ONCE! But I know that is not ideal and even if it was, I would be focusing less on a specific activity by multi-tasking, so the quality of work inevitably gets compromised.

Time management has been a challenge for me, but I know I am on the right track. As mentioned in a previous post, I am refining my laser focus muscle. One thing at a time.


REALIZATION amidst writing this:

This makes me realize that the reasons I am not able to squeeze everything in is because I don’t have enough reasons! I must create an RPM plan for re-installing my morning ritual into my life; I must create an RPM plan for exercising efficiently and effectively; I must create an RPM plan to generate more excitement and passion even in my intimate relationship. And I must make all of them S.M.A.R.T. That has been one of the primary reasons why I failed pursuing goals. I’d set goals that I didn’t believe I could accomplish in the first place, and when I began losing momentum, I would easily give up and attempt to escape my disappointment by engaging in the very activities that stray me even further from the goal…yes, by giving up. What a pity that has been, to set goals that I don’t even believe I could do to begin with. Not S.M.A.R.T.

Time to get more specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.


Here is a video with Tony Robbins talking about the Rapid Planning Method:



  1. What do you think about my belief that I should be unbalanced in order to achieve online success in the form of financial freedom?
  2. What might be a more effective way of going about this?
  3. In what areas of your life do you feel imbalanced?
  4. What is your justification for this imbalance?

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