Set Goals Using An RPM Plan

Accomplishing goals requires a plan

Accomplishing goals requires a plan

PLEASE REMEMBER: Perhaps this method can benefit you to get to where you desire. But do whatever works for you.

As mentioned from the previous post, I want to use this opportunity to talk more about what an RPM Plan is, which can be very effective when you are trying to figure out how to set goals. Originally coined ‘RPM’ by Tony Robbins, it stands for:

R = Results

P = Purpose

M = Massive Action

You can check out an example of one of my RPM Plans here.

Note: Ideally, you have one goal per RPM Plan, especially since some of your goals will be in completely different areas of your life. I put two goals under the same umbrella because, firstly, I didn’t know how to effectively do an RPM Plan until talking with my former coach. But after talking with him, it makes sense that they fall under the same plan because they serve the same purposes to me. However, I also had my 1-year goals under the same RPM Plan before, and he recommended that I just pay attention to the small leaps first because doing so will already give me momentum in the right direction by staying laser focused on the outcome and the mini-steps leading up to one year. Anyway, let’s get into each part of an RPM Plan…


This refers to your S.M.A.R.T goals, which means you want your goal to be…

Set GoalsYou can refer to RPM Plan. I believe two goals I have set under Results incorporates the S.M.A.R.T principles. In January, I earned about $70 that month, so I am close to hitting the $100 mark and will have more books out this month that heightens my potential. Bear in mind that I am also not taking into consideration the cost that I am investing in my books, so I am actually down in the investment – but this is something that I must nurture and build up with confidence.

My goals cannot be too farfetched from my beliefs, or they will seem too unattainable to achieve. I am doing my best to set it up that I come out winning, that this avenue will have as strong foundation to earn while I sleep because I understand the principles involved in a successful online publishing business model – which I am learning more and more about from people with successful niche domination and longevity within Amazon.

This RPM Plan is strictly for my short-term goals regarding Kindle. I also have a one year plan – which is the same as my goal from last December 25th, 2014 (to easily make at least $500 a month of passive income by December 25, 2015). And this is definitely attainable since I have an avenue that I am committed to and already have small results leading up to this goal. But I saw this as unattainable when I set it before as I was learning on my own with little confidence and lost my hunger by failing to keep my purposes in mind.


The purpose is the JUICE, the driving force behind WHY you’re going for this goal. It is the pain and it is the pleasure. For pleasure, one of my favorite and most compelling purpose at the moment has been “To provide as much VALUE as possible for my customers,” (check my RPM here) and I’ve been writing this on my whiteboard every morning. Stemming from my previous post about laser focus, Having all of my purposes to review makes me overwhelmed right now. It’s best for me to focus on just one of them and use that as the theme for my work time with Kindle that day. I also have another whiteboard where I write down the massive action steps for the week, which I will talk more about next.

In addition to all of the positive purposes (the ones that give me pleasure), my former coach, Sturle, recommended that I also use pain (on the 2nd page of my RPM Plan here) to make me feel uncomfortable for not following through with my action steps. One of the ones that I’ve been focusing on is “Being unprepared for the move back home, showing how naïve I am to the reality of developing a business, and I therefore am settling for just scraping by in life – living in mediocrity because that’s how low my standard is.” As I mentioned earlier, I want to be able to build streams on my own terms, and there hasn’t been a better time to research and carve your own destiny. Everything is at our fingertips now and the Internet is not going away, it will just continue to evolve, so if I am not keeping up with the advances, I am missing out on the future. Online publishing is a way for me to learn to leverage my time, negotiate with writers and other people (virtual assistants) that I will soon hire and begin to work with so that I can scale up my publishing. Expanding my Kindle business allows me to work from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection, providing me the freedom to explore the world. Gradually building my passive income through online publishing shows me some strategies in online marketing, like the importance of using keywords to be found in searches or scanning a niche to see what your competitive advantage could be or if it is too saturated to invest effort in.

In short, just knowing your purpose and even creating more on the fly like what I just did in the previous paragraph provides more JUICE to move to action.

Massive Action Plan

According to my coach, Sturle, he gave some golden advice that when I look at the steps in this section, I should be able to know exactly what I need to do. So, if I am still uncertain about how to hire a VA, I need to break down that mini-goal into even smaller pieces that lead to hiring one. So, actually after looking at my RPM Plan, I realize that I am still unclear as to how to get at least 15 people subscribed to my email list, so this means I need to break it down. These steps could be:

  1. Leave a question in the KMM group asking other publishers what strategies they use to build up their list. Perhaps some open and willing people can help me
  2. Ask the same question on warriorforum, which I’ve heard is an awesome forum for online marketers
  3. Since this specific email list is catered to the personal growth arena, I can use the toolkit of documents that I intend to use on for this list as well, attaching two different lists within the book, which provides more options for the reader, but not too many to overwhelm them. Sure, some may want free books offers, but others may just want to be enticed my something they can use immediately without reading 40 pages out of an ebook.
  4. Go on Elance and check out 3 potential VA’s with great reviews that I might be able to have a partnership with
  5. Go on Desk and check out 3 potential VA’s with great reviews that I might be able to have a partnership with
  6. Go on Fiverr and check out 3 potential VA’s (if there are any) with great reviews that I might be able to have a partnership with
  7. Retrieve the service that Tim Ferris recommended in the 4 Hour Workweek

These make the action of hiring at least 1 VA more feasible because all of these actions will give me more clarity and, in any case, I am moving closer to my goal by investing my focus in the direction of virtual assistants.

“Where focus goes energy flows”

I hope that this provided you with more insight into goal setting, but know there is no one right way to set goals. I am new to this way of setting goals using an RPM Plan, but I feel great about it and perhaps some of you can take something from this blog post to improve the way you tackle and evaluate your goals.


Set GoalsCall To Action: Create your own RPM Plan (A result that you want to achieve in 1-year or less, and make sure that you feel 80% sure that you accomplish it with laser focus.

Note: Use the word document that I attached HERE, which is a template for the RPM Plan. I also included directions within the document to guide you.

  1. Get into a peak state by standing up and stretching out your body. You can use a power pose like I do by standing with your legs and arms out, smiling to the sky with your eyes wide open with gratitude and awe for the amazing life you are blessed to have each passing day
  2. Result: Using the answers to the question from the previous post, take the goal you mentioned and frame it in a (S.M.A.R.T) way. Put this into your Results section.
  3. Purpose: Now look think about answers to these two questions and use words that evoke emotion in you:
    • What will achieving this goal mean to you (pleasure trigger)?
    • What will not achieving this goal cost you (pain trigger)?
  4. Massive Action: Think about the smallest action steps that you can take to get you closer to this 1-year or less goal of yours. Write it all down. Make sure that when you look at the action, you know 100% what you need to do. For example, if you goal is to easily get a new job by December 25th, 2015, some massive action steps could be:
    • Tell one friend that you want to change jobs and ask for their opinion
    • Go on and write down 10 facts about 3 different jobs that you might be interested in (job prospects in the future, educational requirements, median salary, skills required, work settings, etc)
    • Look online for informational interview questions and print it out
    • Find one person to do an informational interview with and ask those questions to them
    • Purchase StrengthsFinder
    • Take the StrengthsFinder Assessment
    • Write up pros and cons to your current job (10 pros and cons each)
    • Think back on a previous job and write pros and cons (10 pros and cons each)
    • Volunteer with an organization such as LAWorks if you are in the Los Angeles area for instance one time

These goals are pretty straightforward, but you may need to break some of them down even more if it is still unclear. An example is with the volunteer action step. A smaller action step could be to create an account for Them from there, another action step could be to find two volunteer organizations that you might be interested in and favorite them. Then the next step could be to apply to volunteer for one opportunity on by one of the two organizations that you favorited.

May this shed more light on a way to achieve more in life.

Here is a template for an RPM plan once again.


  • What is your current strategy when you set a goal? (How do you set goals)?
  • How has your current goal setting strategy been working for you?
  • What could you do to make goal setting more effective for you?

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