Need Help? I Need Help. I Can’t Do This Myself.


I need help

I realize now that I can’t go by trying to do everything on my own. That’s weak pride talking. I’m stronger by admitting that I need help and then asking for help.

This is coming a little late, as I had this talk with a friend two months ago, but he touched on something that really touched my heart. He went to see a hypnotherapist out of a desire to try something new. Before, he admitted that he was always the person who was intent on helping other people, much more than admitting that he might need some help in some areas. That resonated in me because that is how I have been operating. This fire inside of me saying, “Help as many people as you can, empower, inspire, motivate!” It has been a very do-it-yourself mentality, neglecting the strong possibility that I need help.

And let me tell you something: that was burning me out because I was only focusing on that. I wasn’t dedicating time thinking about:

…well, how can I get help myself?

So, my friend said that when he went to see the hypnotherapist, he decided to let go and admit to himself that he was going to receive help. This was revolutionary for him and so inspiring for me because I empathized so much with this one-sided thinking and it actually opened a window for me to admit more to myself that I can’t go at this alone, meaning that I need help from other people to manifest the vision I have in my life.


I realize that:

  1. I need help managing my books on Amazon
  2. I need help turning my ideas into ebooks
  3. I need help refining my public speaking abilities
  4. I need help getting a system down for life coaching
  5. I need help disrupting patterns and learning more coaching strategies
  6. I need help turning my tiny house dream into reality
  7. I need help learning effective ways to manage my money
  8. I need help following through with my goals


Since talking with my friend, I have been more adamant about admitting that I need help and getting help:

  1. I’ve been having bi-monthly coaching sessions for a few months to hold me accountable for everything I tell him, for getting effective feedback on how to approach situations, to keep my eye on my purpose, and to support me like few can
  2. I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into the Kindle business and applying most of what I learn from KMoneyMastery, a excellent course on how to set up a successful Kindle business
  3. I am taking on a new challenge of leveraging for my next four projects by hiring writers and having them write the Introductions and Conclusions for the ebooks, which I’ve been doing up until now. This aspect has been very time-consuming and the voice in the book becomes inconsistent. This will free up my time to come up with new ideas and delegate the tasks I do not personally enjoy.
  4. I will be attending a MasterMind training event for Kindle in Vancouver in late March to help me with my online publishing business
  5. I am attending a Toastmasters club once a month (I will be going two more times before I leave Japan), which focuses on building public speaking skills.


There are a lot more areas that I need help in, but this is some super momentum and I am helping other people by helping me. It feels good to help others. For example, by hiring writers to help me with my projects, I am giving them work to support their lifestyle and family. Same goes with everything that I am currently receiving help in. It’s an amazing exchange.

We can’t go through this life doing everything ourselves. Successful companies not only come from the vision of the CEO, it comes from everyone working for the company, everyone who is helping him manifest the vision. In the wise words of Steve Jobs, he’s not most proud of the physical products that his company created, but in his words:

The product I’m most proud of is Apple and the team I built at Apple”



  1. What do you need help with?
  2. Who can help you with it?
  3. How will you benefit by getting help?
  4. How will you be benefitting others by getting help?

Gavin Masumiya

A lifenthuziast seeking new adventures and ways to expand my awareness, while transmitting positivity and vibrancy throughout the world.

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