Synchronicity or Coincidence?


I just received an email from a parent of a client that I used to work with nearly two years ago. For those of you who don’t know, I used to be a part of a company that worked directly with children who are diagnosed with Autism while in Los Angeles. I worked there for about 2.5 years and it was an amazing experience because I got to experience first-hand the value in dealing with people. It wasn’t just about helping the child, as challenging as that was, it was also about understanding the family of the child, and I felt that I was a big part of their lives during that time.


Synchronicity or Coincidence?

Anyway, the night before receiving that email, I was looking over videos that I had with the children playing at school, during free time while at their homes during therapy sessions, but the last video I watched before going to sleep was a video of my last session with this child before I quit this company. It made me wonder if the children I worked with still remember me.

Then I found this email the next day. I haven’t heard from this family in over a year. It was very short, but the mother told me that their kid has been saying my name a lot recently, and then wanted to know what I’ve been up to – but it’s so interesting. I see many occurrences in my life as synchronicities and it’s just a part of my personal belief system. I can’t prove it to anyone, nor is that my intention. But it makes me more content by placing trust in the Universe that things are occurring for a reason.

Sometimes, when similar situations take place, I might say, “what a coincidence,” without much thought. But I often reframe it afterwards as something that was supposed to happen, and why it happened – only I can define that.


You Define What Anything Means

People can share a similar experience, but it means something different to them – and that’s great. It displays something quite profound: that we have the power to choose what anything means to us.

I take this situation to mean that even with new endeavors that I am pursuing, my past is here to remind me that the mentality is still the same: connect and empower.


  1. What do you think about synchronicities?
  2. And if you wish to entertain the idea, what is a situation that you perceived as a coincidence, and if it were to be framed as a synchronicity – what could it mean to you?

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