Everything that INSPIRES me

Make inspiration easy to get to

Make inspiration easy to get to

Perhaps 3 weeks ago, I was feeling this internal conflict revolving around trying to inspire others more than I do for myself and it felt so contradictory. Still without a phone and putting restrictions on my internet habits, I’ve been removing myself from the stimulating social media world more and placing more focus on myself.

Around this time, I had a chat with a wonderful friend – Meer- who offered a great gift. This is what came out of it.

Here is a list I made of everything that INSPIRES me, a challenge that my friend blessed me with:

  1. Tony Robbin’s 9/11 Intervention video
  2. Morning ritual
  3. Reading a personal development book
  4. Completing a book
  5. Immersing in my blueprint
  6. Brushing my teeth at school using this spearmint toothpaste
  7. Brushing my teeth in the shower
  8. Receiving the gift of being coached
  9. Serving in a coaching session
  10. Deep exchanges
  11. Physical exercise
  12. Asking myself empowering questions
  13. Having a clean and organized space
  14. Going to cafes to get something accomplished
  15. Being out in nature
  16. Cooking with Kaori baby
  17. Connecting with Nathan
  18. Connecting with Keiju
  19. Connecting with Meer
  20. Connecting with Rob
  21. Connecting with Garret
  22. Connecting with Maryn
  23. Connecting with Yasushi
  24. Sharing with Kaori baby and being present with her
  25. Surprising Kaori baby with something
  26. Listening to part of an audio course
  27. Listening to one of the 11 Forgotten Laws audios
  28. Listening to virtually anything Tony Robbins speaks on
  29. Watching a “Motivational Video”
  30. Watching an interview with someone I respect
  31. Journaling
  32. Planning out my day
  33. Coming from the standpoint that how I think and what I do is meant to INSPIRE MYSELF
  34. Accomplishing a goal I set out to accomplish
  35. Doing the finger tapping power walking exercise and then saying in rhythm “Everyday, every way, I’m feeling MORE INSPIRED, YES!”
  36. Sending silent praise to my environment
  37. Waking up early in the morning (5:30 or before on weekdays, 7 or before on weekends)
  38. Studying Japanese in any shape or form
  39. Answering essence-driven questions with my essence
  40. The feeling after I share a vulnerability
  41. Dancing
  42. Meeting new people
  43. Expressing appreciation to others
  44. Smiling at others
  45. Listening to Prince EA’s “Intro”
  46. Listening to Aesop Rocky’s “Out of this world”
  47. Listening to J. Cole’s “Villematic” and “Autograph”
  48. Listening to Chemical Brothers “Another World”
  49. Going to parks
  50. Deep breathing
  51. Producing something that inspires me
  52. Sharing something that inspires me
  53. Sharing something I produce that INSPIRES ME
  54. Deciding to keep my composure in heated situations
  55. Doing something that I don’t necessarily ‘feel’ like doing, but I know I will learn a lot if I do it.
  56. Reaching out to someone
  57. Greeting someone
  58. Stretching my body
  59. Experiencing any form of meditation
  60. Telling a family member I love them
  61. Telling Kaori baby I love her
  62. Going on an adventure with Kaori baby
  63. Deciding to drink water instead of a beverage that contains sugar.
  64. Deciding to go out and interact with students
  65. Consuming raw vegetables

Do you have a list of everything that brings inspiration into your life, both big and small? Would that benefit your life knowing that you have a menu where you can scan, pick out, and create inspiration on a regular basis?

Gavin Masumiya

A lifenthuziast seeking new adventures and ways to expand my awareness, while transmitting positivity and vibrancy throughout the world.


  1. What a great idea! I’m honored to be on your list :) Can’t wait to catch up soon, love you lots!

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