Broken Wake-Up Call

Okay guys, I officially fell off from blogging for over a month and created difficult obstacles in my mind as to why I should postpone from writing again. I’m sorry to everyone. This consistency was designed to foster a mentality to just keep showing up, but I slipped over my beautiful trip and thereafter. The mind comes up with such elaborate ways of pulling me away from things I truly know is fulfilling to me and has the potential to brighten up someone’s day.

So, on the way back from the gym today – as I was walking up my many flights of stairs to get to my little castle – I caught myself thinking earnestly about what I should write about and what to include. When I recognized this, I told myself to take a deep breath and notice how beautiful the day really is.

My mind kept rushing and fighting back with me as I kept walking, so I stopped and stared at the sky for a minute and gazed over Yokosuka. I’m fortunate that my place is so high because I get a pretty view every time I walk to and from my place, not to mention the cardio I get. The air was cool, some clouds striped the sky, the sun was slowly coming to a close, the water in Yokosuka’s port still shimmered from the mild sunlight, and that was my moment where I left my analytical mind behind.

It was a short but refreshing experience because I allowed myself some space to really get present. My presence has not been the greatest in the past and my girlfriend would tell you that she’s happier now that I’ve been without a phone for a month because I am more present with her when we are out and about. I get less distracted now for obvious reasons.

Before my phone broke, it got so damn easy to just pull out my i-phone and start posting pictures onto Instagram, coming up with quotes for Twitter, checking my email, responding or reaching out to someone on fb, checking my website, recording a video, etc. I realize how much I really desire a phone and will be getting one really soon, but it’s been nice being more present with Kaori baby, observing people on the train to work and find them doing exactly what I would be doing if I had my phone – looking down at their device almost incognizant of everyone else around them.

Having such a device is such a beautiful thing in so many ways and I am endlessly grateful for the opportunities that technology offers me. But there are times where I allowed it to pull me away from other beautiful things in my life, so I take my broken phone as a wake-up call:

Get more present in your life, Gavin. The beautiful woman of your life who gives so much of her attention to make you happy deserves it. Less distraction harnesses more energy to come up with creative ways to make her feel respected and appreciated. The level of insight by observing your surroundings with laser focus will open your eyes up to new opportunities and distinctions for coaching. Stopping to find beauty at any moment makes the ground more solid. Offer this moment your undivided presence.

Since I have the freedom to choose what circumstances mean to me, this broken ordeal has been telling me that I haven’t focused enough on the things right in front me – my focus is usually split, so most people do not get the gift of my undivided attention when I’m holding my phone.

Broken phone

I thank myself for breaking my own phone because I am waking me up to the beautiful wonders all around me that I have been taking for granted.



Gavin Masumiya

A lifenthuziast seeking new adventures and ways to expand my awareness, while transmitting positivity and vibrancy throughout the world.

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  1. Glad to see you back! I think we all struggle with being plugged in too much and those times when our internet is down or our phone is out of commission, are really some of the few times we have no choice and can remember what life was like before we all had our smartphones attached to us at all times. A little empty space is good, even if we get bored, some of the best ideas and experiences spring out of it.

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