The Magic Behind Accountability

I’ve recently begun coaching and believe me, I have a lot of refining to do. But one aspect that really stands out right now is the power of being held accountable. I have a friend who I’ve been Skyping with on Saturday nights and we set goals together and come back the following week to discuss how the goals went. We’ve only been doing it for 4 weeks or so, but it has been very beneficial to my life and the things I set out to accomplish. With this being said, I have a proposal for those eager to raise their standards:


Have a clearly defined goal with a deadline


I have quite an ambitious goal right now, and it’s to make $500 a month of additional income by December 25th, 2014. I was hesitant to write this and post it publicly because now it’s our there for other people read and gives me more pressure. Despite the hesitancy, this is what my brand is about – having ambition and integrity with regard to my content, and I would be doing myself and others a disservice by not being transparent about what my goals and aspirations are.

I am not currently making any additional income, which makes it difficult to accomplish since December is only 5 months away, but it is still achievable and I’ve been taking a lot of action to get more coaching experience, which will become profitable in the near future.


Know why you want to achieve your goal

Know your reasons

When I decided on this goal to make $500 of additional income every month by December 25th, 2014, I dedicated 2 hours to write 100 reasons why I want to achieve this goal. This act was inspired by Stefan Pylarinos’s blog on motivation (click here to see his video and blog), and he offered 5 questions to consider when devising the many reasons:

1) Why do I want this goal?

2) Why is this goal a MUST for me to achieve?

3) What are the benefits of achieving this goal?

4) How will achieving this goal enhance every area of my life?

5) What are the consequences of NOT achieving this goal?

Now that I wrote this out, I realized that I haven’t looked over these reasons, so right after I finish this post, I will look over them. I’m currently writing this in Shanghai on a layover, so now is not the time, but once I return from my trip on August 18th, I will print my reasons out and tape it to my apartment wall so that it’s always visible when I am at home. Reasons give a lot of power only when they are known.


Get a buddy or form a small group committed to supporting each other’s goals

Friends that inspire

By having someone there who has a goal and shares theirs while supporting you on your road to achieve your goals, it blesses you with a sense of urgency and responsibility to follow through and synergy is brought forth when both are committed. When I talk with Nathan on Saturday nights, we generally go over 5 different things:

1)    How did the goals go?

2)    What were the challenges?

3)    What are potential solutions to these challenges?

4)    Offering feedback

5)    Establishing new goals if necessary

By having an order to the meetings with a specific agenda, it becomes more effective and efficient. We are still experimenting with this collaboration but it is bringing more positive results than anything. It’s awesome.


Follow up with your buddy or group once a week

Follow up with Lifenthuziast

Consistency is a big part of this collaboration and well, getting better at anything requires consistence. This makes the accountability more consistent and increases the likelihood of achieving what you say you will achieve. So far, I have been following through with around 75% of what I told Nathan I would do (maybe higher), which is far more effective than me setting goals without telling anyone. A buddy used the metaphor that if a tree falls and nobody hears it, did it happen? We can choose to have someone in our environment so that they know when we fall (fail) and that pressure keeps us moving forward. I am grateful for Nathan being that dude to hold me accountable for rising to the occasion.


End the sessions on a good note

Lifenthuziast Positivity

We usually end the session with some short words of encouragement after we speak of any new goals we may have. We are here to encourage one another. Something short like “Alright mang, let’s handle our week and create greatness” (clap your hands together once to invoke more excitement and finish the session).


Check up on one another and offer support sometime during the week

Lifenthuziast Check-up

It’s nice when we reach out to one another via FB Message or whatever avenue you desire, which is checking up to see how the other is doing and how we’re moving forward because we’re moving forward. It’s like saying, “Don’t think I forgot about what you told me. You can do it, bro! Handle your shit.” Just short words of encouragement and progress reports before we have our meeting again constantly keeps one another accountable. It’s a beautiful thing.


Remember that we are raising each other’s standards by supporting one another

Lifenthuziast Support

And a really important thing to remember is that this is meant to uplift one another, not beat one another down when they don’t achieve what they said they’d do. The more we can support one another, the more positive energy we feed into each other’s mind which influences our actions.

I feel very blessed to have someone who is as committed to improvement as I am, maybe even more than I am – and that’s fire. I highly encourage everyone to have someone else like that. I’m blessed to have two because I do the same thing with my amazing girlfriend, just regarding a different goal (which, for me is to follow through with my morning ritual on a daily basis). You’ll hear more about my morning ritual another time.

So go and create a circle of inspiration and ambition!

What do you do to stay inspired and follow through with your desires?


Gavin Masumiya

A lifenthuziast seeking new adventures and ways to expand my awareness, while transmitting positivity and vibrancy throughout the world.

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