Gratitude in the 7 Areas of Mastery

Who is down for a 30-day challenge? For the next 30 days, right before going to work, complete the following sentence: I am grateful for/that…

And answer at least one reason for each of the 7 areas of life:

(1) Spiritual; (2) Social/Relationships; (3) Vocation/Career; (4) Financial; (5) Personal Development/Learning; (6) Physical; (7) Family.

People who know me now likely know how much I am an advocate for harnessing gratitude every single day. It has become a ritual for me and has been one of the single greatest simple strategies I have used to increase my well-being and re-focus to more fulfilling and productive activities.

However, this was my very first time expressing gratitude in all the 7 areas of my life in one sitting. There is a common belief across the personal development community that our lives are composed of 7 different areas:

1)     Spiritual

2)     Social/Relationships

3)     Vocation/Career

4)     Financial

5)     Personal Development/Learning

6)     Physical

7)     Family

I have yet to dispute this and maybe one of you can come up with another important area that doesn’t fit into any of these categories. But my post won’t be dedicated to that.

I just dedicated 20 minutes to complete a gratitude exercise that I believe will be helpful to anyone who really commits to doing it in one sitting. You just have to take my word for it when I say the benefits are worth the 20 minute cost. Many people spend 20 minutes scanning the news feed on Facebook, myself included, so let’s take our gratitude and mindfulness to the next level right now instead of scrolling down mindlessly.

It’s quite simple. You can write it down like I did or just say it aloud. The point is to feel the appreciation for each reason you come up with. I am sharing mine as an example.

Note: The reasons below are not the same as in the video because they were done on separate days. Each day has some reasons all its own, but some reasons I express consistently everyday. Let’s go

“I am grateful…”

1)     Spiritual: for the pleasure I get in solitude and allowing myself time to be alone because I believe it gives me a lot of insight into my desires and puts me in a position where I come up with creative and empowering ways to create my own happiness; for my morning ritual, which greatly centers my entire being and gives me so much momentum throughout my day; for spending time in nature, which is a meditative practice in itself because I can just sit and enjoy the beauty around me without analyzing anything, which is a stress reliever and makes me feel more connected to the world.

2)     Social/Relationships: for all the beautiful people that I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with throughout my 27 year life because they have been examples of possibility or examples of someone with rituals that I do not desire – so everyone has been a teacher to me in some shape or form; for Cory for allowing me to develop into a more effective coach by giving me more experience, and strengthening our friendship in the process; for Nathan and Kaori for holding me accountable for goals that I set and encouraging me throughout the week, which is deepening my bond with them; for knowing the value that I offer in relationships and continually supporting growth; for aligning with more people who share similar values and interests as me.

3)     Vocation/Career: for embracing my destiny to be a coach for those desiring more fulfillment in their life and nurturing an environment and mentality to meet their purpose and build more enthusiasm on a daily basis; for taking actions to get coaching experience, which is the foundation to my success as a coach; for empowering my students and teachers at Hodogaya JHS as best I can and demanding a state to optimally perform; for learning more about social media and internet strategies to build my brand with integrity, for knowing deep down that I’m carving out a fulfilling career for myself.

4)     Financial: for getting close to meeting my savings goal while over here in Japan, which is to have 250,000 yen saved up by December 24, 2014 ($2500); for having enough money to travel to SE Asia this summer and giving myself this opportunity to visit other countries, cultures, and perspectives; for setting up funds during winter vacation, which will benefit me as a long-term strategy; for going for my destiny to coach, which will be very challenging, but it means that there is no ceiling to my profitability. The sky is the limit by getting creative and proactive enough to follow through on my ideas and connecting and collaborating with people that will help to bring my ideas to life.

5)     Personal Development/Learning: for the amount of clarity I am building because I am living in more alignment with my aspirations; for my passion to consistently improve and knowing that my fulfillment as a person comes down to the rituals I choose to perform on a daily basis; for experiencing the beauty of living in a different environment than what I’ve known my entire life and having the confidence to assert that I’ll make my life work no matter where I am; for dedicating more time to listening rather than talking, which is something that I’m still improving on, but I’m making lots of progress and this is a crucial skill in building relationships and inspiring positive transformations.

6)     Physical: for my amazing body, which has such a strong immune system; for having all of my limbs so I can easily get up the many stairs to get to my place without any pain; for having lots of energy to my standard, which means I have more energy to build my dreams and create resonating memories; for the fast metabolism that I’m equipped with and for my skinny figure because it puts less stress on my chicken legs; for my ability to see the world because my eyes function and I’m appreciative of this because I try walking and showering with my eyes closed sometimes and I become more attuned with my sense of touch and hearing, but I love to see beauty, I love to see my beautiful girlfriend, I love to see the faces of my family on Skype, I love to see.

7)     Family: for my mom who is always checking up on me to see if I am happy and goes out of her way to provide all the comforts of home while I reside in Japan at the moment; for my father encouraging independence and teaching me about personal responsibilities; for my parents in general because they stand for something much greater than themselves. My mom is a teacher and she is nurturing the future and has dedicated much of her life to teaching; my father has lots of responsibilities to keep the Buddhist Church running and perhaps he didn’t know how much work it would entail beforehand, but he has been committed to service and it means a lot to the seasoned members for he has such a warm heart; for my sister for warmly supporting my dreams and constantly encouraging me to keep on keeping on with enthusiasm, while she builds more courage and surrounds her life with more passionate endeavors; for my brother for having a resilient mind, entrepreneurial spirit, and his radical approach to creation; for being proud of the dream I have decided for myself and it just makes the process easier when I feel that my path is supported by my family.

There you have it. Some of the areas may be pretty difficult to answer but I believe that there is always something to be grateful for, so if you come up with nothing, keep digging. You’ll find something. Or we can alter the question and ask ourselves:

What can I be grateful for?

Isn’t it pretty fascinating how just one question can bring more richness into our lives?

I had an open period, so I used my time in the morning to create this master gratitude list and that happened hours ago and I am still feeling the residual energy from that exercise, along with other very simple things I’m doing to manage my state. We don’t have to try and look for something complicated. I’m just shooting the shit with this statement, but trying to find a complicated solution in life can sometimes be an excuse to not do something about a certain situation. I wasn’t always naturally more positive and there isn’t some pill to solve everything just like that. A solution is easy, but implementing a solution consistently to get a beneficial outcome takes commitment. Gratitude is such a worthy commitment that I committed to years ago. Join me!

Again, here is the 30-day challenge? For the next 30 days, right before going to work, complete the following sentence: I am grateful for/that…

Answer at least one reason for each of the 7 areas of life:

(1) Spiritual; (2) Social/Relationships; (3) Vocation/Career; (4) Financial; (5) Personal Development/Learning; (6) Physical; (7) Family.

I am grateful for myself and I love myself because I continue to stretch my abilities and am committed to transmitting enthusiasm

I am grateful for myself and I love myself because I continue to stretch my abilities and am committed to transmitting enthusiasm

What are you grateful for? (answer below)


Gavin Masumiya

A lifenthuziast seeking new adventures and ways to expand my awareness, while transmitting positivity and vibrancy throughout the world.


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