Quality Questions Worth Answering

 These are 10 questions that my sister, Maryn Masumiya, answered on her blog and here are my answers. I believe that quality questions bring quality answers.

1.  What is the first creative moment you remember?  

As a child, I’d take melodies that I was familiar with and would add my own words to it, often times unintelligible words. For instance, you can take New Edition’s “Candy Girl” and throw in something like “Everyday, every night, always there, Travis Knight, he will fight, with all his might, when he’s hungry, he’ll take a great big bite, dooo wa dooo.” For those of you who don’t know, Travis Knight had a short career with the Los Angeles Lakers and I was able to meet him and take a picture with him at Island’s, which is a Hawaiian themed burger joint in Los Angeles. Perhaps I made up this song shortly after. I can’t be sure, but I sure do remember this song to this day hahah

2.  What is the best idea you’ve ever had? What made it great in your mind?

To decide that I’d create a purpose for my life and hold that intention in whatever I choose to do. My broad purpose is to vibrantly and passionately empower myself and the world. To embrace and love myself and to allow myself to express love to my family because they are a wonderful batch and they have every right to know that. I’m tearing up right now because I love my family to death and my desire to empower the world has been growing ever since I made that commitment to myself. What’s better than that?

3.  What is the dumbest idea? 

That I should settle for a blueprint that is not my own. That I should settle for emotions that stem from rules that I unconsciously abided by. That I didn’t have a choice to live life on my terms. That I was too afraid to embrace my path, the path that I have the most compelling reasons for, which is through coaching and being a soundboard that allows others to open up and realize the confidence and enthusiasm that lay dormant inside of them. The dumbest idea was not being the author of my own story. I’m claiming that back.

4.  What is your creative ambition? 

To travel all around the world coaching people on how to embody more confidence and fulfillment into their lives by contributing to something much greater than themselves. To make mistakes, fall down, and get the fuck back up because I’m strong enough. To have various coaching outlets as passive income streams, which allow me to positively transform lives while blessing me with the good fortune of living life on my terms. Connecting with many beautiful souls in the process who greatly and positively further influence the course of my life.

5.  What are the vital steps to achieving this ambition? 

Getting coaching experience! Networking, speaking from my core and aligning my stride with my words: “Move with your words, add love, now word is bond.“ Consistently acting with this question in mind: “Will this create value for the other side?”

6.  Describe your first successful creative act. 

There had to have been creative acts before, but one that significantly stands out is in my early years of high school when my English teacher at the time, Ms. Kim, had us create a children’s book. I found that so richly entertaining because it allowed me to literally cut into things and create a story, rather than dissect and analyze one. She questioned after to see if I got help from someone else. No, it’s just allowing the creative space to ‘play.’

7.  Describe your second successful act. How does it compare to the first?

Beginning to freestyle, which I’m not doing so much anymore, but it’s still a fascinating art to me. I never boast being amazing at it after the fact, but it’s soo fun trying to come up with things on the spot, creating metaphors out of thin air, and attempting to be as cohesive as possible. Freestyling itself can be metaphor: how quickly am I able to respond and adapt to situations while still maintaining integrity, expressing who I am?

8.  Which artists do you admire most and why? What do you have in common? 

I really look up to Tony Robbins and how quickly and effectively he is able to transform the lives of virtually anyone he meets, no matter what challenge he or she has faced or is currently facing, no matter what part of the world he or she is from. He knows how to build trust very fast, quickly identifies the values of others through quality questions, pays keen attention to body language, knows when to interrupt a pattern and insert a new belief, and to make these beliefs stand the test of time. I’ve been able to participate in Date With Destiny and have studied him for a couple years, and there’s definitely a system in place to make these changes in people, but the way he chooses to implement a specific technique at a given time and the dramatic interferences he makes to confuse his ‘client’ while making it entertaining for the audience, while still maintaining rapport…it’s an art. What do I share in common with Tony Robbins? I have an intense desire to bring the best out of people; I love my personality and believe that it will contribute to my success as a coach; I possess a gift to deeply connect with and transform people; I will make you better.

9.  What is your greatest fear? 

That I allow my past to dictate my decisions when the going gets tough.

10.  What is your idea of mastery? 

Having enough passion and determination to surpass learning curves because you know your contribution will exceed any personal benefit. You have massive reasons behind wanting to learn something, which keeps you grounded when life is really testing you. You realize that growth is a part of life and that there is always something to learn. There is never a point where you’ve learned enough, so you keep challenging yourself to greater heights – not necessarily because you want to be greater than everyone else – but because you know that you have to keep growing to be fulfilled…and that the more you know, the more you have to give. The more you grow, the more you can contribute.

You can check out my sister’s answers on her blog here

What were your answers?


Gavin Masumiya

A lifenthuziast seeking new adventures and ways to expand my awareness, while transmitting positivity and vibrancy throughout the world.


  1. Gav, the energy behind your words makes me feel invigorated! I love what you said about not settling for someone else’s blueprint of a good life and becoming the author of your own story. That is what inspired my latest project (www.metastatemovement.com). So many of us struggle with this, spending years trying to fit other people’s expectations and never having the courage to step out and create some of our own. You are a shining example of taking this leap, literally with your move to Japan and figuratively by rewriting a new path for yourself as a life coach. You make me proud :)

    • Arigatou Maryn, I was caught up in some parental beliefs of settling for a safe place rather than leaping into uncertainty. And I’m telling myself to make decisions based on what resonates with me. I didn’t realize how much courage I really have built over the past year. When you look back at your life a year ago, you made some great leaps and had faith that it will come together and it has. You are living with more integrity than ever before. Now, from that place of alignment, we demand more out of ourselves.

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