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Who’s to say who’s attractive and who’s not? Everyone. But you decide your beauty and where it lies.

“I am…” is such a powerful sentence to speak aloud because it implies that whatever it is you’re saying is a part of your identity. So, if someone should say, “I am sad,” it means that person is saying it’s a part of who he or she is at that moment. I am really careful about what I attach “I am” to.

“I am” statements are generalizations about your character. If I say, “I am smart” that doesn’t mean I always make smart decisions. I will make “stupid” decisions in the future and have in the past. The actions I’ve made in the past can be considered “stupid,” but I am not going to identify with being “stupid” as a person (or at least I try not to, for the most part). Sometimes I slip. But yes, there’s a big difference.

See, I’m generally a glass half-full kind of guy and I want to identify with empowering generalizations. This doesn’t in any way mean that I refuse to take responsibility for any action that I am displeased with. It doesn’t mean that I’ll ignore habits that I can improve upon. There are many habits I am working to replace. But it does mean that I intend to believe in my highest abilities. Generalizations give me a direction. And I want my generalizations to align with my direction to empower my surroundings.

I’m sure you know people or heard of people that come from drastically different backgrounds. Some have more resources at their disposal but may lack purpose or motivation. The other side of the spectrum may involve a young man coming from a very poor family and neighborhood, but he finds a purpose to excel. He may be intelligent, but he had to create a story for himself. Rather than see limitations on every corner, he looks for the lessons and the opportunities around corners and in failures. He had to build up his self-esteem in order to believe in his abilities to overcome his impoverished surroundings. Michael Jordan would have never been proclaimed as the greatest basketball player of all time if he never, first believed, he could be the best.

Generalizations – the words that we use to identify ourselves at any moment by attaching “I am” to it – contributes to our levels of confidence and even how others perceive us.

I’m sure most people want to have more assets than liabilities. Generalize to be the highest form of yourself.

Here are some “I am” statements that I use – and some I just created and will begin using – to empower myself (and I’m making a commitment to state them as a lifenthuziast, which means with high energy and positive expectation):

  • I am confident.
  • I am competent.
  • I am faith.
  • I am loving.
  • I am driven.
  • I am a beautiful soul.
  • I am no better than anyone. And I am no lesser than anyone.
  • I am always stretching.
  • I am a master communicator.
  • I am an outstanding listener.
  • I am wholeheartedly dedicated to passionately and vibrantly empowering the world.
  • I am here to make better.
  • I am responsible for my destiny.
  • I am a man of massive action.
  • I am committed to unconscious competence.

Just a reminder. I will not meet these generalizations every moment of everyday. I am not perfect (read my post on “Practicing Imperfection” here). Perfect is unreachable and, therefore, the lowest standard. But I am here to be happy; I am here to grow; I am here to create happiness. And these generalizations help me and will help me to come from that happy and motivated place to pass my gifts to all the other beautiful people I am blessed to connect with, directly and indirectly.

I find it useful to use “I am” statements in the morning while I am walking to the train for work. It sets my direction for the day. I also ask myself a few quality questions to add more direction, but this will be for another post :)

I hope this was helpful to some of you. I would love to hear what your “I am” statements are and/or what new “I am” statements you are ready to embody in your life.

Please share!



Gavin Masumiya

A lifenthuziast seeking new adventures and ways to expand my awareness, while transmitting positivity and vibrancy throughout the world.

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  1. I am blessed.
    I am ready.
    I am whole.

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