I Am My Habits


What makes me credible enough to coach others in their lives when my habits aren’t aligned with my highest self? Sure, I have this passion to empower others, but how am I moving forward in my own life?

After speaking with a friend and career consultant, Scott Asai, it becomes even more clear to me that there is no better investment than the time I dedicate to improving myself. And this comes down to my habits. Scott makes a great point that many people are so focused on goals that they lose sight of the process. Habits are the process and creating empowering habits will get me to my goals. Scott makes a great analogy that I can think of myself as a glass of water. When my glass is empty and I am dry, I have nothing to give. But when my glass is overflowing with water – meaning that I am consistently empowering myself with rituals and actions that support my physical, mental, and spiritual vitality –my overflow allows me to contribute to others. You can check out Scott Asai’s website at www.growingforward.net.

I am truly shaped by the habits I’ve created. Some of my habits do not positively serve me. Some habits may serve my emotions, but they don’t serve my health and well-being.

When I reach the point where I know something I am doing is not good for me, I make a decision to change it and am really excited about it in the beginning, but that exhilaration fades away after a few weeks and I start moving back down the incline – finding myself back at square one, or close to it. This creates disappointment in myself and adds another reason to engage in disempowering self-talk, for the little critic in my head does what it does best and finds a way to criticize.

In these instances, one word comes to mind: stoic. To my understanding, stoic means to be unfazed from situations, from challenges, and continuing on the road I have consciously decided to take.

1)    It means going to the gym after work and sticking to my regimen when I don’t feel like it 4 days out of the week. This will create more energy in my life and more energy for me to empower others. The reward of strengthening my body and mind and the greatness I feel post-workout is far greater than the pain during my workout.

2)    It means waking up at 5:30 am from Monday until Friday and going through my morning ritual because it makes me feel great and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

3)    It means writing a post and shipping it onto Lifenthuziast.com every Tuesday, regardless of my emotional state, level of inspiration, or any other factor.

I’m talking about habits. I’m talking about building habits for habits are the foundation of success, however one may define success.

This is where accountability comes into the picture. I am declaring that I will follow through with this for the next 30 days, and the terms are non-negotiable. Of course I plan to go for longer since I intend to shape these actions into habits, but since I am still building on these muscles and have shown inconsistency in the past regarding these three areas, the name of the game right now is: baby steps baby steps baby steps baby steps baby steps baby steps baby steps baby steps.

I admire people who are very disciplined and are unwaveringly committed to their vision/purpose in life. It is time for me to embody my own admiration for myself. To be my own role model.


“Whole motto: Be my own role model”


1)    What three habits are you currently committed to embodying in your life?

2)    Why do you want to have these three habits? What would it bring into your life?

3)    Get specific and passionately decide that the terms are non-negotiable. Imagine the reward you’ll receive (the feeling you’ll experience) by transforming these actions into habits.

4)    Know that the mind will find reasons to throw you off track: “I’m too tired. I didn’t get enough sleep. I still need to eat. I have to go grocery shopping. I don’t have enough time.” When you know this, you’re recognizing such situations in advance. That’s a great thing.

5)    So now, make success easier. Have your workout clothes and shoes in your work bag the night before. When you’re tired, tell yourself you’ll just do the 5-minute rule and spend 5 minutes creating a blog post.

6)    Acknowledge yourself every time you follow through. Express gratitude for your victories, however small.

I declared my three new actions-into-habits above on March 3rd and set it for 30 days. That means I am committed for the next 30 days (June 3rd). Habits are not meant to be given a timeline, but I am using these 30 days as a stepping stone. I have no intention of stopping after these 30 days. Starting small and growing forward, as Scott might put it.

Let’s get in the habit of fostering the Championship Mindset (watch Trent Shelton’s Video here)). Thanks to my buddy, Richard Luu, for suggesting the works of Trent Shelton, who is inspiring people from all over the world. A Championship Mindset means developing Championship Habits.

What habits are on your side?

Gavin Masumiya

A lifenthuziast seeking new adventures and ways to expand my awareness, while transmitting positivity and vibrancy throughout the world.

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