WHY Lifenthuziast?

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This is a question that I meant to answer on my first post, but didn’t.

Why lifenthuziast.com?

Why not lifenthuSiast.com, lifeEnthusiaSt.com, or any other possible domain name out there?

To me, having enthusiasm is a really big deal. I am naturally attracted to people who carry themselves with lots of enthusiasm. When someone has lots of energy and conveys a positive attitude in life, especially in times of challenge, and still seeks to benefit the lives of others, it’s so amazing to me. There are times when we all have enthusiasm. And we can create even more enthusiasm regardless of what our situations may be.

I just watched a video from a very enthusiastic and inspiring fellow, Stefan Pylarinos, about harnessing happiness in this very moment. His video is about finding joy in the process of anything, especially the perceived mundane, monotone, boring tasks that we half-mindedly repeat on a daily basis. You can watch his video here. He also has a very informative website revolving around personal development with lots of transparency. His website provides great and practical knowledge on starting a blog, which is where I got a lot of my tools and continue to learn from. You can check out his website here.

Yes. Enthusiasm is a state of mind and once I decide to be enthusiastic, the process of anything instantly becomes more enjoyable. Now of course I have my share of ups and downs, running my hands through my hair out of frustration, raising my voice, talking to myself in a disempowering way when I don’t follow through with something…but I definitely have my moments of enormous enthusiasm and make it a challenge to brighten as many people’s days as possible. I intend to gradually extend my enthusiasm throughout each day because I deserve it; because it brings so many wonderful people and opportunities in my life; because other people deserve to benefit from my enthusiasm and harness the enthusiasm in themselves to create a rippling effect of lifenthuziasts.

So, why lifenthuziast?

I am making it a mission to unleash more enthusiasm in people, out of life. Enthusiasm and life must go together. Enthusiasm has the power to awaken one’s surroundings. When I go into one of my English classes at Hodogaya JHS with lots of positive energy, a big smile, moving throughout the classroom, engaging with students, making warm eye contact with everyone, it brightens up the students and many of them become more involved. Many of them smile and are actively engaged with my activity. But there are times when I go into the same class with less energy, perhaps from less sleep, am not as confident, and the students react to my demeanor and they often don’t participate as much. I perceive the students to be more distracted and lose interest quickly. It often effects my confidence from there and I become less effective, unless I make the conscious decision to change my state in that moment…to one of enthusiasm.

So, life and enthusiasm are one of the same. That’s my intention: lifenthuziast.

You have a ‘z.’ Why?

I thought of the ‘z’ as a way of adding my own flavor to the word. Like, in any situation, I can learn something new and then share it to others for their benefit. So, when I learned and really embodied the importance of using my body to influence my state (which I largely learned from Tony Robbins), I shared it on my website and to many others I’ve met before then. I wasn’t the man behind this discovery, I’m just sharing what I learned. But then my personality goes into the sharing. My passion is brought forth. I bring something else to the table that someone else saying the same thing can’t offer. I add my z.’

So, when it comes to brightening people’s spirit; authentically connecting and making people feel reassured in my presence; actively listening to the challenges of others; inspiring them to make changes in their lives; asking effective questions to center people bringing forth a sense of gratitude for their current conditions and the vitality to take the next baby step forward…I add my z.’

Where do you add your ‘z’?

Gavin Masumiya

A lifenthuziast seeking new adventures and ways to expand my awareness, while transmitting positivity and vibrancy throughout the world.


  1. Awesome Gav! You look great…it must be working :) I’ll check out Stefan’s site…

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