Figure Out Who You Are

WHO ARE YOU? If I came up to you and asked you this question, what would be your response? Aside from thinking that I may be a bit strange, it’s a question that leaves me curious because your answer can reveal a lot about what you value. For instance if …

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Listen Before You Speak

Listening involves presence. Offering that gift to others allows them to shine and grants you the gift of understanding

NOTE: This video is not directly connected to the story I will write about below, but the essence of being in the moment still stands   STORY I had an interesting meeting with my friend, Steppon, a few weeks ago. As many people may know, I have my coaching hat …

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Using Empathy To Improve Mind

Things can get your frustrated. But what happens when you see from another?

EMPATHY ENERGY It surprises me how quickly the weather changes over here in Japan. This morning was a perfectly clear day and it’s the afternoon now and the clouds are very thick around my school in Yokohama. This reminds me of my emotions. I can be really enthusiastic and then …

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Losing My Balance

How Do You Deal With Imbalance?

Losing My Balance NOTE: This post was written before my blog about the RPM Plan, yet it is still worthy of being posted because it taps into my frame of mind where my thoughts were very scattered, and I’m sure some people can find relevance in their lives. I want …

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Set Goals Using An RPM Plan

Get on the path to your goals and build momentum through an RPM Plan

PLEASE REMEMBER: Perhaps this method can benefit you to get to where you desire. But do whatever works for you. As mentioned from the previous post, I want to use this opportunity to talk more about what an RPM Plan is, which can be very effective when you are trying …

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WHY Power

WHY to Empower

During our Live In Joy Workshop, my friend and fellow coach, Keiju Fujiwara, gave a presentation about the power of WHY and how that is the foundation of motivation. I completely agree. If there isn’t much reason to do something, it is unlikely that you will continue to do it. …

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Core Interview Project

Digging deeper into those we love by simply asking new questions

My auntie recently passed away and a lot of her stories and dreams went with her. I realize that there are so many things that I don’t know about the people closest to me, namely, my immediate family and relatives. These are questions that I put together and I intend …

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The Happiness Factor

We generate happiness

I’ve asked various people what they feel like the purpose of life is and read an array of articles covering this abstract concept – and it’s more or less that people want to be happy. This somewhat connects to my last post with regards to what people might call the …

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Heaven or Hell?

If we look a little deeper, there lies a misconception.

I heard this great story while listening to an audio course one time and it always stuck with me. Note: This post is not meant to stir up any religious debate. I perceive the concept of heaven and hell to be easily understood cross-culturally and serve as an effective metaphor …

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Setting It Up To Lose

It's so easy to justify doing more than one thing at once is productive when it jsut leads to a shittier outcome in each area and welcomes a state of overwhelm

After hearing some people and what their difficulties are, I begin to see a pattern that there is this image of how everything is supposed to turn out and that it has to be handled in a very specific way, which ends up stagnating people. I find myself doing that …

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Everything that INSPIRES me

Inspire yourself

Perhaps 3 weeks ago, I was feeling this internal conflict revolving around trying to inspire others more than I do for myself and it felt so contradictory. Still without a phone and putting restrictions on my internet habits, I’ve been removing myself from the stimulating social media world more and …

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